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Li Yi Ran (离毅然 Lí Yì Rán) is one of the male protagonists of the 30 Minute World series. He holds his place as 「Rank One」 of the 30 Minute World as the First Completer and Advanced Senior.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Real WorldEdit

Most students portray themselves in the 30 Minute World as the same as the Real World. Li Yi Ran is a young man with a tall build with shiny gray, cornsilk hair and beautiful light brown eyes. Normally he would wear his college uniform from Gao Su Shu Cun University College in navy tops and black, skinny professional pants. His casual clothing is displayed with a plain white shirt and blue skinny jeans with brown school shoes.

30 Minute WorldEdit

He hadn't changed much of his appearances in the 30 Minute World according to the Student Manual. In the 30 Minute World, Li Yi Ran is portrayed with a tall build from his real appearance with a bit messy grayish and blonde hair. On the top of his hair lies a cute toy like a living pet. However, his eye colors changed for the most part. Instead of light brown eyes, Li Yi Ran is detailed with ocean blue eyes with a gentle expression.

He wears a plain white shirt with a logo on the left side of the chest, one steel and white biker-like glove on his right hand, and cadet blue jeans with yellow sneakers. He sometimes would use his signature Luminous Angel Wings on the back and his Magic Flower Light around him.


Li Yi Ran was introduced for being a calm and collected person with great intellectual and kindness. Not a lot of people see him around the 30 Minute World and the Real World, but greatly respects him like the Official King. He cares a lot for his friends and often sticks into situations. If there are separate sides, he usually chooses to be on the fence sitter path so that he isn't to be part of the problem.

He usually speaks in a calm tone with gentleness, trying not to upset anybody if he used offensive words. According to Xiao Yu Hui, he used to be a talkative person whenever he wanted things done or to achieve something. Yi Ran was very sincere near Yu Hui and seemed to show signs of worry and care to her.

Li Yi Ran is also dedicated to helping others, but is never seen around others. Usually he doesn't want to go and enter the 30 Minute World full with students that need to respect him when he wasn't even ten or so years older than them, concluding that he doesn't want pride.


Xiao Yu HuiEdit

She is Yi Ran's girlfriend in both Real World and the 30 Minute World. At first, Yi Ran didn't seem to know who she was as number ones don't usually look in the ranking below their name. Yi Ran first met her when she stayed for the afternoon break from the university college. He saw her hard at work but was confused on what she wants to accomplish. He eventually noticed that he started to see her everyday at the same time and feels comfortable watching her do her work. One day he asks her about her intentions and helps her accomplish the thing that Yu Hui started at the beginning as only one person might take days to finish. Over amounts of time, Yu Hui feels close to him and starts to get uneasy feelings around him since she knew that he was the number one student.

Yi Ran actually realized that he liked her. When Yu Hui and him were walking down the hallways to look at the ranking, he accidentally spotted Yu Hui's name on second place. Yu Hui only thought that he might be mad because he helped a girl who almost could beat his number one position, but Yi Ran didn't let go of his thoughts about her. Yu Hui thought that he only pretended to be nice and be friends with her after that. Eventually he confessed his feelings to her while they were taking a walk on a bridge, much to Yu Hui's surprise. She didn't make a response or a decision and avoided him for a few days until he came to visit her family. She didn't want her family to think wrong and this caused Yi Ran to express his feelings even more better.

Yi Ran and Yu Hui started out as regular couples for months and even on the 30 Minute World. Most students know about them and call them the Top Ranks and the people that they usually don't see, as for respect. Although they never talked much about their feelings, he is shown to care deeply for her. It is not likely for them to break apart that easily but is a possibility. He calls her "Deng Yu" (等雨 Děng Yǔ).

Li Zhang RenEdit

He is Yi Ran's younger brother. Yi Ran initially doesn't worry about his younger brother in the 30 Minute World, but the Real World. He allowed Zhang Ren to do whatever he liked to do in the 30 Minute World and fulfilled his wishes for not trying to oppose to them or break halfway. Zhang Ren is very loyal to his older brother than that of the other students who respect him. Sometimes he needed Yi Ran to help him around insecurities or situations in which he didn't want to happen, but often go ask him for advice and not the solution.

Yi Ran seems to always be on his brother's side and agree along with him. He didn't show any signs of disapproval when Zhang Ren started dating with Fen Mei Xiang as he thought his brother could maintain their happiness. Yi Ran is usually around his younger brother than that with Yu Hui.

Fen Mei XiangEdit

She is the girlfriend of Yi Ran's younger brother. Being the kind person he was, Yi Ran never said anything offensive to Mei Xiang that would make her break away from Zhang Ren. Yi Ran treats her like a younger sister that is a good pair with his younger brother. He actually doesn't matter who his younger brother likes as long as Zhang Ren have happiness.

Mei Xiang feels comfortable talking with Yi Ran at times when she wants to get things straight or to finish something for Yu Hui or Zhang Ren. She also respected him like an older brother instead of the Official King title and appreciated his kindness towards others.

Huang Shao NianEdit

He is a regular friend to Yi Ran in the Real World but as Buddies in the 30 Minute World. When Yi Ran first met Shao Nian, he didn't seem to know who he was at all but noticed that he was popular around girls. Yi Ran thought that was a good way of letting people attract Shao Nian rather than him since he didn't want pride. They didn't talk directly to one another until Yi Ran had met Yu Hui. Yu Hui often converse about Zhou Shi Ling, her best friend, and Shao Nian at their university college. While Yi Ran listens to Yu Hui's conversations, he soon learns a lot about Shao Nian and underestimated him in various ways.

However, the first rank got into a state of decision when Shao Nian showed concern for him one day. Shao Nian helped release Yi Ran's stress and even walked with him to kindly speak in a manner to lure the girls away from crowded circles. This had led to Yi Ran respecting Shao Nian's kindness and pushed all the underestimation thoughts away.


Combat Power

Car StatsEdit

Li Yi Ran's SS - McLaren SLC Stats
Ignition Device
Engine Unit
Fuel System
Intake System
Max Speed: 452 km/h Combat Power
License Plate: ??? Car Rear: Icy Blue Car Rear

Li Yi Ran's main SS car is the McLaren SLC. He originally completed the quest on getting this legendary car, in exchange with 42000 Lucky Points. He broke the Max Speed by one kilometers per hour.

Li Yi Ran's SS - Maer Wind Stats
Ignition Device
Engine Unit
Fuel System
Intake System
Max Speed: 357 km/h Combat Power
License Plate: ??? Car Rear: Icy Blue Car Rear

The legendary SS Maer Wind was also obtained through quests and exchange of Lucky Points of 35000. Li Yi Ran only broke the Max Speed by three kilometers per hour.

Li Yi Ran's A - Renault Thunder Stats
Ignition Device
Engine Unit
Fuel System
Intake System
Max Speed: 305 km/h Combat Power
License Plate: ??? Car Rear: Icy Blue Car Rear

The Renault Thunder is Li Yi Ran's main A ranked car and is also one of the most popular car around. He broke the Max Speed by only three kilometers per hour which is most SS cars' Max Speed.

Li Yi Ran's B - Brilliant Dawn Stats
Ignition Device
Engine Unit
Fuel System
Intake System
Max Speed: 285 km/h Combat Power
License Plate: ??? Car Rear: Icy Blue Car Rear

The Brilliant Dawn is Li Yi Ran's main B ranked car. He broke the Max Speed by twelve kilometers per hour, using his own speed and his experienced ability with the SS cars.

Li Yi Ran's C - Grand 35Q Stats
Ignition Device
Engine Unit
Fuel System
Intake System
Max Speed: 273 km/h Combat Power
License Plate: ??? Car Rear: Icy Blue Car Rear

The Grand 35Q is one of the most advanced C ranked cars and Li Yi Ran broke the Max Speed by eight kilometers per hour. This is his main C ranked car.

Study StatsEdit

Li Yi Ran's studying for the Brains Mode is among the highest in the daily ranking. His main tool and school weapon is the Moonshine Pen which can be obtained through rewards, unlocking, and quests.

His study stats vary in range as he continues to go to the Brains Mode to compete with others. He usually chooses math and science as his main two Brains Mode modes.

Li Yi Ran also owns these school weapons;


  • He used his real name at the end of his Screen Name.
  • He excels in math and science and these are also his favorite school subjects. He is bad at history and foreign languages.
  • His favorite saying is "I don't really mind."
  • He was the first person to complete all levels of the 30 Minute World.
  • His 197 achievements is the highest of all the other students.
  • He was the first person to obtain the Luminous Angel Wings.
  • His favorite Racing Car is actually the Renault Thunder.


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