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The 30 Minute World (三十分钟世界 Sānshí fēnzhōng shìjiè) is one of the main setting of the 30 Minute World series. High School and College University Students, including their Principals and Vice Principals inhabit it for a range of 30 minutes. The world is created by the technology from ASTO.


Even though many schools and universities are at a far distance from one another in a different province, the 30 Minute World combines all affiliated schools and universities into one. Students from one province can meet up with another student at another province.

Etymology and MeaningEdit


High SchoolsEdit

High Schools affiliated with the Advanced and Systematic Technology Organization;

  • [[]] ( ) - Sichuan, China
  • [[]] ( ) - Shanxi, China
  • [[]] ( ) - Ningxia, China
  • [[]] ( ) - Chongqing, China
  • [[]] ( ) - Jiangsu, China
  • [[]] ( ) - Henan, China

College UniversitiesEdit

Collge universities affiliated with the Advanced and Systematic Technology Organization;


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